Unlike the traditional cat tree, Solvit’s new modular play structure, the Kitty’scape, can be easily reconfigured and expanded into an ever-changing playscape that will continue to satisfy the curious nature of adventurous cats.

“After looking at the cat play structures that were available in the marketplace,

it became apparent that they were all pretty static unchanging structures,” says Patrick Hoffman, President of Solvit Products. “The Kitty’scape is anything but static. Its modular design means the different columns, platforms and available accessories are interchangeable so it can be assembled in countless combinations.”

The Kitty’scape’s MSRP ranges from $99-199 depending on which kit is purchased. The Basic, Intermediate, and Deluxe models are available in a variety of starter kits and expansion kits that require no tools for assembly. Every piece is designed to fit with every other piece so that it just takes a few minutes to create an entirely new layout. Periodically re-configuring the Kitty’scape will keep cats engaged and satisfy their need to explore.

The columns that form the backbone of the Kitty’scape are available in interchangeable full and half sizes. These columns are also offered with sisal covers or constructed from wood to satisfy a cat’s scratching instinct. If any of these parts become worn or frayed they are simple to replace unlike the traditional cat tree that requires replacing the entire unit.

Play’scape Platforms come in a variety of sizes and styles which can be placed closer together for kittens and older cats, or spaced further apart for more athletic and adventurous felines. Cat owners can add to the fun by choosing from an expanding range of accessories that includes the Penthouse Canopy, Hammock Hideaway, Adventure Bridge and Cardboard Scratching Tray.

“Kitty’scape is designed to be fun for the cat owner as well as for the cat,” added Hoffman. “With all the accessories and expansion kits that we have available and the ease of how it all fits together you are only limited by your imagination. Build it and re-build it as often as you want just make sure you let the cat play with it too.”

Each kit contains a base platform, one or more upper platforms, a penthouse perch, various column sections including scratching post(s), and a teaser toy. Some kits include more platforms and columns or other accessories such as a Penthouse Canopy or Hammock Hideaway.  Individual pieces and accessories also sold separately.

About Solvit Products

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