Fullscreen capture 932013 111712 AM.bmpA New Homeless Pet Awareness Campaignwas recently launched by adoption organization supergroup “Unity for a Solution.” Barrio Dogs, Corridor Rescue and Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward formed Unity in January 2013. Since then, Unity has brought in additional partners including Shaggy Dog Rescue, South Side Street Dogs, Scout’s Honor, Lucky Dog Rescue, AARF, Twyla’s Friends, Jurassic Bark, Texas Litter Control, One Hundred Thousand Hearts, 4 Paws Farm, Winston’s on Washington, The Buck Foundation, FMW/FabLab, Christi’s Pet Sitting, Haute Pets Mobile Grooming Salon and Star Pizza.

Together, they began a new campaign to bring light on a subject that many are surprisingly unaware of- Houston’s large and constantly growing homeless pet population. Earlier this year, Unity started the Unity 1000 Challenge to raise funds for a spay and neuter initiative targeting low income pet owners. One factor contributing to animal homelessness in Houston is family pets that are not fixed and can produce unwanted litters of puppies and kittens, some of which end up on the streets. The Unity 1000 Challenge plans to raise $100,000 to fix 1,000 pets free of charge in 2013 and at the same time, make their owners advocates for spay and neuter. To date, Unity has fixed almost 400 pets belonging to low income residents in its target areas of Houston’s East End, Fifth Ward, Sunnyside, Denver Harbor, and along the “Corridor of Cruelty” (U.S. 59 North).

We wanted to include Unity’s announcements in our October Issue, but due to spacing issues could not… Please help Unity to spread this important message and visit their home page to donate. For more information, contact Unity at unityforasolution@gmail.com. To donate or learn more about the Unity 1000 Challenge, go to firstgiving.com/unity1000/fundraisers.