Energy is a powerful tool that we ALL have and can use daily to help ourselves and our pets. These natural, energetic based modalities such as reiki, muscle testing, crsytals, flower essences and essential oils work to heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Most health issues – physical and behavioral are a result of an emotional issue from within, and by treating the emotions we can resolve the physical or behavioral symptoms.

  • Muscle testing or applied kineisiology is an energy technique that many holistic vets and naturopaths use to determine the correct diet,  products and supplements for each pet. It is using YOUR own body’s  energy to detect a yes or no response, like the energy or polarity of a battery with positive/negative charges. Anyone can do this as our bodies do not lie! Click here to order your own Muscle Testing Ebook and learn how this modality can change your life!!
  • Flower Essences are extracted from parts of all kinds of flowers using the vibrational energy of the sunlight to create the essences. Dr. Edward Bach created the first set of flower Essences in the early 30’s and are the most popular to use. They work on a very gentle level to help heal the emotions, thus healing physical signs that may have manifested because of the emotional blockage or imbalance!  The Bach flower essences are administered orally,used as a mist, given on a small piece of food or rubbed on the ears, paw pads or gums. They cannot harm, but only help if you have chosen the correct essences – muscle testing is the best way to determine which essence is needed. Click here if you are interested in a custom essence blend for your pet.
  • Essential oils or aromatherapy work on all levels as flower essences do, however they are stronger and actually enter the body’s bloodstream. Oils should not be given orally, rather diffused, sprayed as a mist or blended in a carrier oil for massage. There are precautions for some oils and it is important to know which oils are safe for dogs and cats as cats are much more sensitive to the oils than dogs. Learn all about how to use oils for your pets at our workshops. Oils can have amazing results when used for anti-flea sprays, calming sprays and for skin or wound healing. 
  • Crystals, the oldest living entity on earth,  have magnificent healing properties – physical and metaphyiscal. You can place crystals in custom collar pouches to wear on the collars, halters or to place under their beds or you can create a crystal essence spray from the custom crystals of your choice. Learn which crystals work on certain issues such as anger, fear, separation anxiety or arthritis.

Try some of these natural and holisitic energies and consider learning more about natural ways to care for your pet at or click here to sign up for our new complimentary email newsletter and get our 28 page holistic animal care ebook for free.