Those that have adopted, rescued and/or foster failed (as I have)  know that many a rescue cat or dog are already “stamped” with emotional baggage that can lead to behavioral problems, and  if not resolved could become health issues or even worse, an adoption return! Don’t let their unfortunate past ruin their and your blissful future.

 Natural and holistic therapies can bring big results with emotional and behavioral stress or anxieties.

  • Communicating with your pet can unlock the mystery of his or her past and shed light on why they may be behaving in a certain way.  By communicating, I mean telepathically, really listen to the animal and hear what they are trying to say to us. Everyone has this ability and you can learn to communicate too!   Take an Animal Communication workshop with The Lightfoot Way  and in one day you will be talking to the animals. 
  • Energy work or reiki, the Japanese healing modality, heals without even touching the animal, even though you can certainly touch gently if your energy or intuition tells you to. Reiki can bring inner peace, comfort and security by releasing deeply blocked emotions. Did you know that you can learn to atune your own animals to reiki and give them a higher energy level that can increase the animal’s self healing? Reiki can be done anywhere, by distance and in the past, present or future.   
  • A Custom Bach Flower Essence can restore balance to your pet’s emotional state by bringing trapped emotions gently to the surface. The essences really work wonders on emotionally based illnesses like demodectic mange (a stress induced virus) or diarrhea brought on by trauma or stress. Anything can trigger an emotional upset anytime in a pet’s life, especially a rescue, thus creating a behavioral issue that was never there before. For instance,  my dancing dog, Bob that we adopted from CAPS (The CAPS Super Adoption Event is August 6th and 7th, come and enjoy our Canine Freestyle performances by the Happy Hounds Freestyle Group) has lived in our house for 6 years and has never had an issue with our kitchen or oven until a couple of weeks ago when our oven went crazy and started beeping non-stop, as well as setting the smoke detector off……. Bob would not go in the kitchen and every time we turned the oven on (it beeps) he ran upstairs and hid under the bed.  I made Bob a custom flower essence by muscle testing and after a week and a half  on his essence he no longer flees upstairs and will stand at the door of  the kitchen. You will usually see results in one to six weeks.  
  •  Color is not just for the eyes to behold!  Color therapy can help any pet. It is the vibrational energy that the color emits that is beneficial and can help many emotional issues. It is easy to muscle test to see which color a particular animal needs. Pink is often used for separation anxiety, yellow to bring warmth and happiness, light blue for tranquility and red can be a stimulant or irritant (think of the bullfighters – they use red for a reason) If a pet has a fear, anger or aggression issue don’t put red around him as it can cause the behavior to increase. However, if you have a pet that is not eating or is very shy and insecure, red could be great!

 If you need help with your adopted, rescued or loved pet’s issues visit our website and sign up for a F*R*E*E consultation session at the Friends For Life No-Kill Animal shelter in the Heights. If you are looking to adopt a furry friend to love and give them a FOREVER home, visit the Friends for Life adoptions every weekend or join me as I will be speaking on Holistic animal care August 14th, for HOPE  at their Mega Adoption event at Rover Oaks in Katy, TX.

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Make holistic animal care a way of life, not a last resort!