Rosie has been adopted! I could not be more thrilled to pass on the news that Rosie has a new daddy and a beautiful new name (Cleopatra or Cleo). Thank you so much to everyone who passed around the blog helping in the search for Cleo’s forever home. Her new home is perfect for her. Chuck, her new daddy, is active and committed. He absolutely understands the huge responsibility it is to own a dog (especially a pit bull rescue), and he plans on running with her and training daily. Cleo went home to a nice house, a back yard to romp in, no kitties to distract her, and lots of love. I was there on Wednesday for her first training session, and the poor little girl was so exhausted we could only do half a lesson. Chuck was a little concerned because she had seemed so tired since arriving in her new home. As soon as he got Cleo home from CAP, he gave her a bath, fed her dinner, took her out to potty, and then invited her up on the couch to sit with him. Once on the couch, Cleo passed out and barely moved for the next two days. Chuck and I tried to imagine what she had been through over the past couple of months.

Since she was so dirty and skinny, I believe she had been on the streets for a good while. She spent days on end scrounging for food, avoiding traffic, and simply struggling to survive! Cleo then spent almost a week at the shelter and while it was safe and warm, it was hardly a place to relax. So, after all that, when she finally made it onto the couch, she was able to let down her guard and really sleep. I told Chuck that he should probably enjoy the moment, because I predicted that once rested, Cleo was going to be ready to play and run!

Cleo can finally relax!

Cleo can finally relax!

As I was taking pictures of Chuck and Cleo, I could tell that they had already started to develop a bond. There was love in both of their eyes and my heart was ready to burst with gratitude. Honestly, the previous week had been very tumultuous for me. I struggled with the idea that I had done the wrong thing taking her from the streets. I was simply unable to keep her due to my living situation, and while my friends at CAP had been unbelievably kind and helpful, time was running out. Cleo was approaching the red-zone danger area at the shelter. It was just almost too much for me to take, as I couldn’t help but feel responsible. Would it have been better to leave her to fend for herself on the streets? I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. Finally, I just prayed and tried to let it go. The next day Chuck was ready to meet her and the rest is history. Thank God. Seriously, thank God.

As we finished our lesson on Wednesday, and Cleo made her way back onto the couch, I glanced outside and couldn’t believe my eyes. It was snowing big, beautiful snow flakes. It was absolutely beautiful and for the moment, all seemed right with world.

“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. “

~Ben Williams

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