by Mark Siberman, DVM, Southwest Animal Clinic

Safeguarding the health of your senior pet is of primary concern. Senior wellness programs allow veterinarians to help increase your pet’s lifespan through proactive preventive health care. Because many health problems cannot be identified by a physical exam, it is recommended all senior pets receive wellness screenings to permit early diagnosis of any hidden problems.

Health screenings are often the only way of obtaining an early diagnosis, as there can be a delay between the development of an internal problem and the associated symptoms. Taking advantage of inexpensive wellness screenings now can save you money and provide peace of mind concerning your pet’s health.

Normal test results are also an important factor in maintaining your pet’s health. They provide valuable information about your pet’s medical history, and are especially useful in the event he/she should get sick or injured in the future.

Please make the decision to invest in the long-term health of your pet by having your veterinarian perform a senior wellness screening. It is usually recommended to perform the following diagnostic tests for your pet:

• Complete Blood Count
• Chemistry Profile
• Thyroid Hormone Assay
• Thoracic and Abdominal X-rays
• Urinalysis
• Electrolytes