Many of you may remember Mollie, the Houston PetTalk 3-legged cover girl for the February 2007 issue who was in need of a good home. Our feature in that issue focused on breed rescue and the many dogs in various breed rescue groups awaiting adoption. As luck would have, Mollie was spotted by someone that fell in love with her photo and went on a mission to adopt her.

That “someone” was Phyl and Doug Bower of Florida. Phyl and Doug were visiting Houston and saw Mollie on the cover of Houston PetTalk while dining at Ouisie’s Table. As Phyl says, โ€œI dreamed about her being part of our family and knew I had to adopt herโ€ says Phyl. After passing the rigorous requirements of Southeast Texas Lab Rescue, Mollie is now a resident of the sunshine state and shares a home with lots of other furry friends.

Phyl recently sent us an updated photo of Mollie taken just a few weeks ago. Mollie was painted by a local artist and she is posing here with the artwork.

Thank you Phyl and Doug for giving Mollie another chance at life and sharing her latest pics!