Do you get lost in some of the terms related to vaccination for pets? Here are a few of the common terms you need to know:

Vaccine Protocols – Recommended series and frequency of vaccinations by Veterinary Associations

Required by law – a vaccine required by state; varies from state to state; Rabies is the only vaccine required by the State of Texas; every three years with a 3-yr vaccine

Titer – measurable level of immunity

Recombinant Vaccine – Contains a bacterial or fungal protein used to mount immune response (virtually no chance of the host becoming ill from the agent, since it is just a single protein, not the organism itself)

Adjuvant is an agent that stimulates (irritates) the immune system to find and react to the vaccine agent
(Some adjuvants have been implicated in causing cancer in some animals over time)

Kennel Cough – Airborne virus and bacteria causing Tracheobronchitis

Zoonotic disease – Disease animals can transmit to people

Sarcomas – slow growing tumors that may form at the site of an injection; vary by type