The Humane Society of The United States & The Humane Society International came up with the concept of a photo contest where you donate money in order to vote.  Your donation will help get animals spayed and neutered, thus saving their lives and ultimately decreasing pet overpopulation! I want to reach as many people as I possibly can. The more people I reach, the more money is raised for the animals! The minimum donation is $5, and that gives your favorite animal 5 votes in the contest.  I really want to help make a difference and give something back to the animals, so I am entering my boy, Tommy in the contest! I adopted him two years ago. He was one of four dogs known as “The Ethiopian Cave Dogs.”  He was abandoned & thrown into a 30 ft. pit and was left to die a horrible, slow death.  However, he and the others were rescued and they all started new lives here in the U.S. Tommy has overcome so many obstacles and he continues to blossom everyday!

Read Tommy’s story written by The Houston Chronicle.
You can also watch the rescue video put together by Maria Daines.


You may vote in the contest thru March 4, 2010.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you for all your support and donating to this important cause. Tommy has changed my life and made me realize that with a little perseverance anything is possible!  He has also taught me a valuable life lesson which is, “To never give up 5 minutes before the miracle!”  You never know when you will be awarded a second chance.

-Leanne & Tommy