Pat Becker, producer and host of, has a career that has spanned movies, television, radio and the internet. A native of the Houston-area, dog ownership and its responsibilities have been an ongoing project and passion of this active owner of a number of dogs. Pat has authored a number of dog books for all ages with heartwarming stories and educational messages. 

Currently living in Arkansas, Pat produces and hosts DogTalkTV, a lively show about all things dog. As a dog trainer and pet advocate, Pat promotes public involvement with municipal law enforcement and lawmakers to defend animals from harmful exploitation. She also works to convince pet owners of the importance of spaying and neutering, and stays active in a number of animal rescue and care organizations.

A few examples include:

Sam and Uno: Sheep Guardians of Heifer Ranch describes an illustrated adventure by two real-life Akbash guardian dogs as they protect the sheep at Heifer International’s ranch in Little Rock, Arkansas. These trusted protectors of the mild-mannered sheep ward off danger from a marauding fox, winning the admiration and hearts of the sheep.

Bailey Beagle JPEG: Who could resist a warm, loving Beagle stray like Bailey? Certainly not the tender-hearted country squire in Pat Becker’s clever and well-illustrated story-poem.

Reading, learning and enjoying books about dogs is a great opportunity for children this summer to spend quality time on a  valuable topic – pets!  Pat Becker’s books are available for purchase online at /