Spleash all-in-one dog leash handle with water cup & spray helps you be prepared for your next walk, hike or trip to the park as a solution that attaches to your existing nylon, leather or rope leash to help you keep your dog hydrated, cool and even protected! Invented by a mother and daughter team, it features a 12-ounce water reservoir and a flip-open water dish for when your friend is thirsty. The spray function can be used to cool your pet’s coat and paws, or even to ward away off-leash dogs and other animals with its 14-foot range. You can even use the spray function on urine to prevent burnt grass. A portion of every sale goes to domestic abuse support organizations. Spleash comes in 2 colors. 

Pricing for the Spleash is, currently on sale for $29.99 (was $34.99).

spleash.com and Amazon.