In my book of life, I have an entire chapter dedicated to after Christmas sales! There is truly no feeling as when you get a Ruff Lauren blazer for 75% off! What really rocks is that every major designer has jumped on the doggie bandwagon with fabulous new products including apparel, accessories, carriers, beds and yes, dog palaces!…(too pricey for my Platinum Paws credit card)!

My mom always said, “You don’t have to own something to appreciate it”. Although I think she was barking about humans and dogs, I’ll take the liberty of applying her wisdom to shopping…. so I decided to check out the post-holiday super sales.

 First stop is Sasha’s Suds N Duds at her new location on W. Gray. I can’t really get my shopping groove on until I’ve had a grourmet bakery treat to get me started. I chose the chocolate fire hydrant. A dog cannot shop on an empty stomach! After that delectable treat, I am better able to “digest” what’s on the racks.

Now on to Gone To The Dogs And The Cat Too, 2421 San Felipe (I’m happy to report no cats were shopping while I was there but there was one hunk-of-a-boxer checking out the golf club covers). The one-of-a-kind couture dresses were amazing. I actually stuffed myself into a size 8 dupioni silk lined evening gown that will be perfect for this year’s CAP Gala. 

Next stop is A Dog’s Life Pet Boutique in Sugar Land for a sneak peak at a Chromebones Carrier (as if I could fit in one but it is a nice fantasy to think of yourself as Cleopatra being carried about and fed on an endless schedule).

Final stop is in front of my computer for some online shopping (my paws are killing me!). My favorite online boutique is Pawty Palace. Unique and stylish…rather like me, don’t you think? I especially love the idea of “pawsh” beds. Warm, snuggly and just the right size for me…rather like the man I want to meet someday!