Is it too cold and rainy these days to get outside and play with Rover? There are many things you can do indoors to stimulate and exercise your pooch all the while staying warm and dry!  You don’t have to get the heart rate up to call it “execrise” – instead work your dog’s brain.

A brain is a terrible thing to waste, and dogs have a mind in need of stimulation. Here are few ideas:

  • Do a series of basic obedience commands for treats like “Sit, down, stay, shake, bow, rollover, etc.” I call this Simon says.
  • Create a game of hide and seek – use one of his favorite toys and tell him to stay as you run and hide it somewhere (easy) and then release him to “seek” and when he finds it give him treats and praise.
  • Another option are the brain or inner active toys like  the Nina Ottoson toys that keep a dog occupied for at least 15 – 30 minutes. I use the wooden ones – they are great fun to watch your dog figure the puzzle out, but you must stay with your dog while playing with these toys and remove the toy as soon as all treats are uncovered.
  • A fun activity like doggie dancing or canine freestyle can be done indoors to music and really makes your dog think, and you both have fun strenthening your bond.  You can even take a workshop to learn how to do this.

I hope you can put some of these fun and simple ideas to use in the next few weeks, and keep your precious pooch perky until spring!