As the holiday season approaches, familyโ€™s may be thinking about what to get their beloved pets this year. I have listed some gift ideas perfect for all pets. We hope we provide some help with our holiday gift guide for your pets.

A pet massage from a certified small animal massage practitioner is a great way for your pet to relax. These massages are great for older pets who have built up muscle tension due to arthritis, stress, or over exertion. Similar to people, pet massages allow for the tension in muscles to relax, resulting in less pain. There are practitioners who offer these massages in your home or in a clinic. In the Houston area, many can be found via an internet search. In my experience, the majority of pets respond well to these massages, even if they do not love being touched by a veterinarian Most pets will relax, stretch, and take a nap.

Special treats and snacks are also a great way to surprise your pet. Many local pet stores have a great selection of tasty, exotic treats. Their staff are also very knowledgeable about what is healthy and appropriate for your pet if they have any medical conditions.

If you are ever unsure if something is suitable for your pet, check with your veterinarian. Another option is to make homemade pet cookies. You can find many recipes online, and this is a great option to make a batch and share with friends. If you are having a holiday party, consider making doggie bags for your guests as they leave containing treats for their pets at home.

As our pets age, arthritis plays a part in many of their lives. A brand new orthopedic or soft padded bed can offer a large amount of comfort to their joints and allow a perfect sleep. Dogs and cats alike LOVE having a new place to make their own. Some cats love the largest dog beds and large dogs can fit onto smaller spaces than expected. Crib mattresses make great beds for large or giant breed dogs. Surprising them with a new comfy place to lay works as a gift and improve their quality of life.Finally, a great gift could even be just a day dedicated to them.

Whether this be a trip to the beach, a trip to the park, or an outing for a pupachino, dedicating time to your pet away from the stresses of everyday life can be fulfilling for the entire family. This may be directed more towards our dog pets but cats can sometimes enjoy the fresh air and a change of scenery.As this hectic year comes to an end, remember to celebrate with the entire family including our senior pets. Some of these gifts are obvious while others may be non-traditional but just as meaningful. We hope we provide some help with our holiday gift guide for your pets.

By: Dr. Spade,