MetallicPinkChristmas is not just for humans as we all know! Many pet owners are filling their pets stockings and including them in the holiday cards sent to family and friends.

Are you wondering what your furry pal would like for the holidays? Here are a few ideas, trends and hot items! They can be purchased at Houston retailers (buy local!)

In the toy department, which all pets love, the trend is toward toys that stimulate a pet’s mind such as food puzzles where dogs or cats need to work to retrieve food from an object. There is even a fish training kit out this year. Or toys that are made of organic cotton and are eco friendly like toys from Jacks & Bones.

Collars and harnesses are popular because they can be very ornate and fun for the holidays, yet functional… they may be made of high quality leather with adornments or completely covered in Swarovski Crystals.

Comfort is always a great gift too…giving your pet a luxurious new bed or pillow made with soft yet washable fabrics or even beds with warming devices are great gifts.


Eco Friendly products: As pet owners have incorporated environmentally friendly products into our daily lives, we want to do the same for our pets. The latest products include:

Eco Blankets, clothes and toys made with organic cotton
Hemp Collars
All natural foods
Grooming products that use flower essences
Recycled fillers in toys
Organic catnip

What’s OUT? Treats that are not high quality and may have artificial coloring or can be harmful like raw hides or pigs ears, poor quality flexi leads and crates that function as end tables.

Budget Conscious: If the recession has you worried about what to get your pet for Christmas, no need to worry! There are plenty of great gifts under $5 like gourmet treats that are all natural and made in Holiday shapes with icing..very festive, tasty and only cost a few dollars available at area pet boutiques or many squeaky toys are under $5 as well.

If you really want to splurge, here are some luxury ideas:

  1. A Pet Palace… playhouses for pets that can be as large and luxurious as you want from an indoor,portable gingerbread house to an outdoor pet home with Air conditioning
  2. Luxury photography photos that are enhanced in post production with adding wings or metallic finishes
  3. Pet furniture..chaise lounges, ottomans, sofas