BREAKING NEWS:  Dog owners across the city are reporting unusual behavior in their pooches.  All shapes, sizes and colors seem to be affected.  We know that some of you will find this news shocking, but it seems that dogs in parts of Houston can’t stop smiling! Officials are expected to issue a statement soon and sources tell us that a mandate has been proposed to encourage all dog owners in the city to spend as much time as possible in the company of their animal companion in dog parks, taking long walks, playing tug-of-war, catch or Frisbee and riding in cars with all the windows down.  “It appears to be the only way to wipe those silly grins off their faces,”  stated one official, who requested anonymity since he was not authorized to speak to the media.  These “smilers” as they are being called, all share a few common threads:  1) they live in either the Galleria area, River Oaks, The Heights, Bellaire, Downtown, West University, Midtown or Inner Loop area; 2) their owners spend a minimum of $25 each time they shop at All Natural Pet; 3) their owners all take advantage of the FREE delivery service available from All Natural Pet when these conditions are met.  If, after meeting these conditions, you observe dreamy, delighted emotional display from your dog(s), over-zealousness, uncontrollable joy, or other frightening symptoms, it is very important that you CHANGE NOTHING!  Do not sell your home and move to a neighborhood that’s not listed above,  do not reduce your spending during routine shopping at All Natural Pet and most importantly, do not forget to take advantage of the FREE delivery service provided by All Natural Pet!  Visit their online store to make your purchases and still receive free home delivery with a minimum $25 purchase: