We often get requests to know more about what happens “behind the scenes” when we create PetTalk each month. Since we aim to please our readers…here is a sneak peek of our photo shoot for the upcoming July Reliant Dog Show issue. It’s fun and interesting and shows that getting the ‘right’ shot isn’t as easy as it may seem!

J-Canine Pet Resort in Rosenberg, TX graciously allowed us to use their property to shoot at! We owe owner, Joni, a big big thank you!! J-Canine’s location was a surprising treat as we drove past the beautiful landscape surrounding the resort. Ponies and a donkey greeted us in the field where we shot photos of Miss Ellie’s Terrier, Maddie, practicing her flyable training! Did you know that donkeys are kept in the pasture with horses to scare away coyotes?

Joining us was photographer Nathan Lindstrom, who brought a plethora of gear including lights, meters, backdrops and a whole lot of energy for this early morning shoot.

After the field shoot was completed, we traveled indoors for some more shots of Quid, an Australian Shepherd owned by Miss Liz, as well as Halo (Border Collie) and Saint (Golden Retriever) owned by Miss Jennifer. They showed off their training doing jumps, rolling over, and sitting still for the shoots! Each dog had it’s own incentive for posing – treats, toys, and even other animals!

Finally, Gus arrived for his close-up! Sue Copeland brought him in and I think we were all surprised at how majestic and huge he was! Gus is a show dog, and is used to being “checked out” by lots of people, but we still had difficulty getting him to pose for us so we got out some of his favorite kinds of friends to help him focus. We tried a Pomeranian, a white fluffy Bichon Frise, and even a silver show-winning kitty! It was pretty hilarious to see all the people vying for Gus’ attention. He must have thought he was in heaven!

After we got the shots we needed, Gus got in his van to go on a little adventure to Rummy’s Beach Club for some swimming fun! All the ladies and dogs in this photo shoot train at J-Canine, and we want to thank everyone there again for allowing us to use the beautiful facilities!