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Crack Down On Puppy Mill Cruelty

In response to the alarming number of unlicensed and unregulated large-scale commercial dog breeding facilities operating in Texas, State Rep. Senfronia Thompson (D-Houston) has introduced House Bill 3180 which will require these operations, commonly known as puppy mills, to meet minimum standards of care and housing for their animals.

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Animal Control Officers: Are They So Bad?

The quintessential negative depiction of the “dog catcher” of American movies and television has once again been cast in “Hotel for Dogs.” In the cinematic tradition of the “Shaggy D.A.” and ‘Lady and the Tramp”, animal control officers are portrayed as film antagonists; blundering villains, awkwardly incompetent and enthusiastically sadistic in their treatment of canines.

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Humane Legislation: Please Help Defeat HB 1046

This communication is from the Houston SPCA:

The 81st Texas Legislative Session is in full gear and we need your help to continue protecting animals in the state of Texas. We ask that you take a moment to speak out for the animals seized in cruelty cases each year. The Houston SPCA, The Texas Humane Legislative Network and the Animals NEED YOUR VOICE.

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