Pigs at BARC? Why, yes…And They’re Wearing Lipstick!

This article is written by Nicole Sica, Examiner.com

Some of you may have heard that Stephen Williams, Director of the Department of Health and Human Services which oversees BARC, has mentioned the fact that he thinks Winograd’s “snapshot” services, paid for by community donations, can be better used.

Instead of an overall assessment as to why BARC is broken, he thinks Winograd should just provide a training session instead. According to Williams, he has had an impressively named “Incident Command Team” at BARC for weeks and weeks now, and they have it all figured out why BARC can’t get right.

Well, here’s my experience with the kick ass Incident Command Team.

A couple weeks ago, I decided to foster a black momma cat and her 6 kittens. Everything was arranged just so, but the morning momma and babies were to come home – Bam! Dr. O kills the momma.

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