By Cheryl Conley

Lake Creek Nature Preserve Board of Directors

It’s time to challenge your knowledge of wildlife and animals in general. See how many you can get right!

  1. Name one country that has outlawed glue traps.
  1. What disease can you get from the kissing bug?
  1. What is the state bird of Texas?
  1. If you know the answer to #3, name one other state that has the same state bird as Texas.
  1. What caterpillar is often called the Toxic Toupee or puss caterpillar?
  1. Can animals die from capture myopathy?
  1. How many species of tree frogs live in Texas?
  1. Are tree frogs carnivores or omnivores?
  1. Is a green anole the same thing as a chameleon?
  1. There are fewer than 200 of these birds left in the wild. What am I referring to?

How did you do? To be honest, if I hadn’t written the articles I would have gotten most of these wrong so if you missed some, don’t feel bad. It’s just for fun!

ANSWERS: 1. Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, England, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, two states & one territory in Australia, & four Indian states; 2. Chagas disease; 3. Mockingbird; 4. Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, & Arkansas; 5. The asp; 6. Yes; 7. 14; 8. Carnivores; 9. No; 10. Attwater’s prairie chicken