By Michelle Mantor

Photos: Photography By Prudence

If you’ve been wishing for a unique, cozy, well-designed cattery to board your precious feline while you’re away then your wish has come true! As with all things at Prestonwood, Kennels, this latest addition to their premier pet resort, once again belies the thorough and imaginative extent to which owner Guinette Peebles will go to provide the best for pets at her facility. 

Dubbed the Kitty Cottage, this may very well be the only indoor-outdoor cattery with access doors and an expertly designed enclosed play area for individual kitty use in the Bayou City. No doubt this place is feline nirvana offering the best of both worlds: a safe place to rest for an afternoon nap in their own suite replete with a climbing structure, a window sill for gazing outdoors, circulating drinking water and a cozy bed for snoozing, OR, the option of investigating their exterior enclosure via a self-opening door to enjoy the outdoors. Taking the experience one step further, boarding guests can also explore the large outdoor play area with multiple climbing and nesting opportunities on an individual basis. Cats that are not from the same household are never mixed together and proper veterinary protocol for vaccinations are required. Staff will take cats separately to the “catio” play area and let them enjoy the spacious, fun space and this amazing feature is currently offered at no extra cost for boarding clients as an introductory offer. Yes, for just a mere $35 per night, you cat can live in absolute luxury with a caring and friendly staff watching over them.

Of the 11 suites to choose from, the largest suite not only has a climbing structure, but also boasts a large oak branch for extra options to perch and climb. Every detail is impressive in Kitty Cottage, from the suites to the climbing ladders and “jungle” atmosphere of the catio.

When it comes to boarding cats, too often, cats are left alone during vacations or a business trip with nothing more than an untrained neighbor checking on them once per day. While cats may seem to be stressed to leave them home, they are much better off with trained professionals keeping an eye on them and alleviating the  many problems that could occur including escape from the house, not getting enough food or water, not getting medical attention in a timely manner, and most of all, not being stimulated and having no ability to socialize. Thankfully, Prestonwood Kennels has created a great option for discerning cat owners to board their pet if a safe, fun yet peaceful environment. And, if you have dogs as well, Prestonwood Kennels has been boarding dogs in their state-of-the-art facility since 2003. So next time you need to leave town and your furry friends can’t come along, give Prestonwood Kennels a call…because they truly have it all! 

Prestonwood is located at: 13302 Schroeder Rd.Houston